Mantex is more rigid and lighter than traditional materials. It has high impact resistance and twice the insulation value of all glass laminates. An advantage is that Mantex will not rot, attract fungus or mold, which destroys wood. Mantex is extremely reliable and dimensionally stable.
USED ON - stringers, bulkheads, transom, deck, and console
Nida Core is light, tough, quit honeycomb, used for superior bonding and better impact.
USED ON - inner liner floor and deck
Compared to polyesters, vinylester represents a resin development steps in the right direction. Vinylesters utilize a polyester resin type of cross-linking and epoxy molecules within the backbone for additional toughness and adhesion.
USED ON - the primary coat
Whether they are exposed to the rigors of the open sea, the rough and tumble road, the everyday wear and tear of home and commercial use, they have to maintain a beautiful finish when the going gets tough- and that is where a high performance gel coat can make your boat look good. Lilly's innovative products do just that. There are a wide range of Lilly Gel Coat colors currently available. In addition, Lilly's specialist can match almost any color for your specific requirements. Custom-matched colors are available through special order.